Album Review:: The Hold Steady "Boys And Girls In America" (Goodbye Norma Jean)

First of all, i want to say a fond final farewell to the lovely Ms. Anna Nicole Smith. You had an unusual life. I know some thought of you as their Marilyn. Our prayers and tears go out to those who loved you.

I know it has been out a while, but I just can’t seem to get enough of The Hold Steady’s “Boys and Girls in America” on Vagrant Records. Everytime I listen to this I feel like I need to start sleeping all day and staying up all night again. This truly is the soundrack to a long perilous night on the town repeated for the upteenth time in a row. “Boys and Girls in America”, is even brasher than its predecors and every bit as gritty and great. It is a reminder of the sort of great rock-n-roll tradition we have in here in the states when our bands aren’t being apologetic, mealy mouthed, preachy, or quasi-intellectual.

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