Live Review:: Mastodon at the Cats Cradle

On February 23, Mastodon and Priestess came to town bringing the rock. Unfortunatley, I was a little late so I only got to see Mastodon. I’ve been listening to these guys for a while, but hadn’t had the opporunity to see them until now. Their brand of metal incorporates heavy riffs, prog segments, and overall mayhem. In short they blew my head off. While their set weighed in under 2 hours, the intensity and pure war of attrition they wage on their instruments made it seem like time didn’t exist during their set. Don’t ask me what that means. It was just the feeling I had while I was watching. They played mostly songs from Blood Mountain and Leviathan. It was great to see a metal crowd, free of indie hipsters, that was there to rock, not to look cool. This was definetly man’s world, as the crowd was easily 95 percent male.
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