Notes:: Charleston, DBT, and PBR

I haven’t seen ’em since New Year’s in Atlanta, and i’m due for a fix. What I’m saying is that i’ve been gearing up for two nights with the Drive By Truckers in Charleston, South Carolina at the end of the month. Will it be a good time? Will the band play well? The answer is a resounding yes. An average show by DBT is better than the greatest of shows by most bands. I first saw these guys 5 or so years ago when I started driving over to Richmond to see them, from Virginia Beach where I was living at the time. Virginia Beach was my own proverbial Buttholeville, where nothing ever goes on and spreading gossip and talking crap about people is the predominant culture. Musicly the place is devoid of any soul or pervading spirit. Everything for the most part is lackluster, dated, and irrelevant. The longer you stay there the more it sucks you dry, and i’ve spent way too much time there and it has certainly taken a toll on me. I suppose if you’re rich and have a house on the beach it is tolerable, but most of us don’t have that option.

Before I saw them I heard one of their early records and it peaked my interest. Little did I know how much better they would be live than on record. Richmond is obviously a southern city and has always been a great place to see DBT. Seeing them has always been great. They ooze southern hospitality to the core, making you feel invited, comfortable, and well fed by the time you leave. The Truckers have a way of making every night you see them feel special. I’ve never felt like they were bullshitting me by just playing for the money. However, if anyone does deserve the money it is them, because they throw one hell of a party. They are sometimes referred to as “the thinking mans drinking band”, and I couldn’t agree more.

For me, a DBT show is like church. I go because it raises my spirit, starts the healing process, and redirects me onto the right path. There is something about all those tales of southern folklore, antiheros, and bad endings. Everything about the south isn’t bad. It has a history beyond the tragedies of slavery and racism, despite how the south has been recast. The Drive By Truckers came to tell that tale, and to rock you. One might say that the south is a place where people might not always do what is right, but they still know the difference between right and wrong. Hale to the God fearing man!

On our player you will find some songs from two shows that I attended. The Southern Thing and Daddy’s Cup are from The Cats Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC, on November 19, 2005. Carl Perkins’ Cadillac and Outfit are from The Canal Club in Richmond, Virginia on December 18, 2004.

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