Notes:: Freakbeat

Woke up pondering the eternally baffling question of what was worse – rap metal or nu-metal where everyone played PRS’s through Mesa Boogie amps making the guitars all sound the same(no offense to Paul Reed Smith or Mesa Boogie, they both make fine stuff). As usual I can’t come up with a proper answer, but let me know if you can.
Somehow this philosophical question led me to pull out some garage stuff from the British 60’s. I haven’t listened to these in a while, but once a year or so I get in psych/rave/flamboyant clothes kind of mood. I was thinking about some folks back home who are heavy into this stuff and these English Freakbeat discs got into my ear and my mind. It reminds me of a line from a song, “I got some friends in Nashville, at least some folks I know”. Anyway, there are a bunch of gems on this series. On the player you will find Shel Naylor’sOne Fine Day“, and The Syn’s “Grounded” from vol. 2 of this series.
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