Notes:: Drive By Truckers Charleston Photos

Well it has been a couple of days since I came back from Charleston where I saw the Drive By Truckers. I’m just now settling into the reality of being back at my modern day factory job where I am just a cog who gets orders from some knob. Soon we will be down in Athens for some more fun and frolic.

Enough of that, here are the pictures from both nights that my brother took. The psychedelic effects are to simulate the way things felt while we were inside.



31 March 2007 setlist from the person who kindly recorded this one

disc one:
1. The Living Bubba2. One Of These Days3. Never Gonna Change4. Hell No I Ain’t Happy5. Sounds Better in the Song6. My Sweet Annette7. Danko/Manuel8. Lookout Mountain9. Carl Perkins’ Cadillac10. Sink Hole11. Let Me Roll It12. Tales Facing Up
disc two:
1. Uncle Frank2. Puttin’ People on the Moon3. Ronnie and Neil4. Outfit5. Zip City6. Feb 147. Road Cases
8. The Southern Thing9. Women Without Whiskey10. The Day John Henry Died11. Let There Be Rock12. Buttholeville13. Ain’t Talking Bout Love

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