Artist Spotlight::The Dexateens

I’m still trying to keep the memory fresh of all the fun I had last weekend so I’ve been tearing up these last two Dexateens records. I was already a fan of these guys from Tuscaloosa, but I had no idea how much they would rock live. A great rock show has that magical ability to take your mind away from the drudgery and ease your mind from your day to day annoyances. If you like your psych/garage/blues/twang super southern fried then you will love The Dexateens. This isn’t typical straight forward fare. These guys write good tunes, and with three guitars the music is as colorful and rocking as can be. Red Dust Rising is a straight up rocker that is just a blast to throw on and get you in the mood to twist those feet on the carpet. Their third release Hardwire Healing came out a couple of months ago on Estrus Records and has some production assistance from DBT’s Patterson Hood. The songwriting is a bit more diverse, refined, and organic sounding than the last two records, which shows the band is progressing and not content to do the same old same old. Enough talk from me. Go and check these records out!

From these two albums I have taken Take me to the speedway(Red Dust Rising) and Neil Armstrong(Hardwire Healing) and put on the player.

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