Album Review:: Shearwater "Palo Santo(expanded)"

Matador Records will be re-releasing Shearwater’s 2006 album Palo Santo in an expanded edition on April 10th. The double disc set includes rerecorded versions of La Dame et la Licorne, Red Sea, Black Sea, Seventy-Four, Seventy-Five, Johnny Viola, and Hail, Mary, and a second disc of 8 unreleased tracks. Although it is old news for many, this album from the Austin, Texas group is a wildly beautiful and sometimes dark folk epic. On Palo Santo, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Meiburg and his ensemble transport the listener to and from the emotionally nebulous corners of one’s mind. The vocal character and the powerful use of the piano bring to mind Spirit of Eden era Talk Talk. This one is a must have for the days that call on you to throw on a record and lock yourself in your room. I could say more, but I think it is better if you experience this one on your own in entirety.

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