Adventures in Time::Club Kelly’s

Saturday night I went back to the club. It has been a while since I made my way to Club Kelly’s in Nags Head. One has to gear up correctly for the club. Making sure the right state of mind has been achieved becomes top priority. Otherwise, it is all for naught and you might as well have stayed at home. I’m talking about putting on your mental and physical dancing shoes. As we enter inside we were instructed that it would be eight dollars to enter. Our response was to repeat the price as if we had somehow heard it all wrong. The doorman then proudly told us that they had a d.j. from L.A. We then all felt comforted that our money was being well spent. Overtop of his tracks, the d.j. sang and played guitar, bass, trumpet, and blow piano. People were dancing like they were in the city and the ladies were dressed up. Girls were dancing on the poles, and dudes were being hassled for trying to join the ladies. Yes, all of this and our drinks were free because they thought we were part of the private party. So, if you are looking for a good time and you are on the Outer Banks, hit up Club Kelly’s on the 10 1/2 mile post.

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