Album Review::God Save The Clientele

Pop music has long been considered low art. I would like to propose on the contrary that what The Clientele do is make exquisite aural paintings that deserve higher regard. The press release for this one states that the Clientele are setting free their inner Monkees. Well I suppose, but one thing is for sure, Alasdair Maclean’s voice has a very similar atmospheric character to Micky Dolenz. I’ve long thought Micky to have one of popular music’s most special voices, and never was he better than on Porpoise Song and Can You Dig It? Somewhere in between those two one might find Alasdair. The Clientele are a band I’ve clung to since their earliest releases, and the vocals are probably the biggest draw. They are an instrument in themselves, and along with the music one can’t help but to be swept into the world of their song. God Save The Clientele contains an element of hope, and a few more up tempo songs than on their prior releases. My favorite song is Isn’t Life Strange, a bittersweet number that like most of life’s best offerings is over by the time you realize its brilliance. Still, like other Clientele releases, God Save The Clientele is best when listened to in its entirety and not piecemeal. I could write more, but i’d only end up talking about myself.

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