Album Review::I Like Trains-Progress(Reform)

Leeds’ five piece I Like Trains will be releasing their debut mini-album Progress(Reform) in the U.S. on April 23 via Beggars Banquet. The record came out last July in the U.K. and they are now legendary for their live shows where they dress in matching British rail uniforms and play in front of images of snow, trains and chess. The band has been described as a combination of Sigur Ros, Morrissey and sometimes Joy Division. When I first came heard I Like Trains last summer I was immediately drawn to the coldness of their music, but also there is a sense of an immanent thaw in their songs. This feeling is especially prevalent on Rise and Shine. A Rook House For Bobby, which is about the mental decay of chess champion Bobby Fischer is undoubtedly the eeriest song and maybe the best track apart from the opener Terra Nova. The songs are full of references to obscure events and historical symbols giving off the impression that the band members are quite interesting characters themselves. Overall, Progress(Reform) is a good record that only leads me to conclude that we can expect even better things from them in the future.

Terra Nova is on the player

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