Notes: JAMC Glass House Gig 4.26.07

Ahh it’s time for more JAMC notes…If you’re not a fan yet, you will be with all the write ups we’ll be doing on the return of Jim and William Reid. According to Some Candy Talking Message board creator Niina Talikka, The Jesus And Mary Chain’s first live performance in just under a decade came with an unreal setlist, which in fact Included Annie Hardy of Giant Drag **NOT** Scarlett Johansson on “Just Like Honey”. From reports via the web many have stated the band made a triumphant return – in classic Mary Chain fashion Jim asks the crowd “happy we’re back?” which is followed by cheers which Reid then replies “Fuck Off” – then turns to Loz Colbert. On a quick note William didn’t sing any songs but it was interesting that Jim sang “Cracking Up”.

Songs included:
Never Understand
Between Planets
Head On Far Gone and Out
Teenage Lust
Blues From a Gun
Cracking Up
Just Like Honey
Happy When It Rains
Some Candy Talking

Video: “Never Understand – Pomona, CA 4.26.07” – Live (YouTube)
Video: “Just Like Honey – Pomona, CA 4.26.07” (Google Video)
Video: “Reverence – Pomona, CA 4.26.07” (LAist)

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