Drive-By Truckers::The Dirt Underneath

Well, well, well, I guess change isn’t such a bad thing. If you were anywhere near the Georgia Theatre this weekend for two nights of the Drive-By Truckers’ The Dirt Underneath tour you know exactly what I mean. Acoustic Guitars, Spooner Oldham, Shonna singing some backup and a whole bunch of other goodies for two sold out shows. Patterson and Cooley broke out some new songs which without exageration are evidence that the next album will be one of their best. I know a lot of folks will say these shows were two of the greatest they’ve ever seen. If there was anyone doubting how good this latest incarnation of DBT could possibly be, you can guarantee they are eating crow as I type this. I am only sad that it is over and I won’t be able to make it to Austin this week.

Fridays set list
Bulldozers & Dirt
Two Daughters & A Beautiful Wife (New Patterson Song)
Nine Bullets
Panties in your Purse
The Opening Act
Checkout Time In Vegas (New Cooley Song)
My Sweet Annette
George Jones Talkin’ Cell Phone Blues
Gravity’s Gone
Tales Facing Up
Women Without Whiskey
Puttin’ People on the Moon
Encore: Loaded Gun in the Closet
The Sands of Iwo Jima
Where the Devil Don’t Stay
The Living Bubba
Love Like This
Angels & Fuselage

Saturday Night
Bulldozers and Dirt
A Ghost To Most
Runaway Train
Nine Bullets
Panties In Your Purse
Box Of Spiders
Uncle Frank Daddy
Needs A Drink(New Patterson Song)
Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife(New Patterson Song)
Sounds Better In The Song
Women Without Whiskey
Gotta Give Pretty Soon
Zip City
The Opening Act
My Sweet Annette
George Jones Talkin’ Cell Phone Blues
Putting People On The Moon
E:Tales Facing Up
One Of These Days
The Living Bubba
Lookout Mountain
Checkout Time In Vegas
After The Scene Dies(New Patterson Song)
Shut Up and Get On The Plane
Angels And Fuselage

thanks for the set list. I am much too irresponsible to write these things down
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