Lost, Down, or Needing an Escape

Sometimes certain albums are like best friends. When you are feeling in a particular mood you can count on them to sound the way you feel. Lately I’ve been in the midst of chaos and trying to locate a better place to live in Chapel Hill. Several old standbys have been providing the soundtrack for this less than stellar experience. When I find a new home i’ll be putting a lot more content up, because i’ll have more freedom and peace of mind to make the site more what I envision. So below is a list of some of my favorites for when you are lost, down, far gone, or just needing an escape. They aren’t in any particular order and don’t forget to smile, because as Howard Jones once said, “things can only get better”.

1. Ida-I Know About You
2. Ida-Ten Small Paces
3. Nick Drake- Bryter Layter
4. Red House Painters-Songs For A Blue Guitar
5. Carol King- Tapestry
6. Chris Bell- I am the Cosmos
7. Big Star-Third Sister Lovers
8. Red House Painters-Ocean Beach

I guess I just need to return to that great old book

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