Artist Spotlight::Herman Dune

For a while now, I’ve been using Herman Dune’s Giant and Not on Top as the soundtracks to my tae-bo workout. They are also great for getting me all jazzed up before I go out on the town, because they seem to always put a big smile on my face. Herman Dune’s simply constructed pop songs prove that complexity is not a necessity in songwriting. I love the harmonies and the call and response chorusus. The lyrics are witty and picturesque. This Summer may be my favorite on Giant. By the light of the moon with the Cohen allusion “my famous raincoat is light and blue”, is another one I put on repeat. It is hard for me to decide whether I like Giant or Not On Top. Giant has so many good songs, but Not On Top may be more perfectly assembled as an entire record.

There are two songs from each record on the player

I Wish That I Could See You Video

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