Album Review::Goldrush-The Heart is the Place

Goldrush are a band that I’ve always thought had some good songs, but overall their records never took me where I wanted to go. I recently received the newest Goldrush release The Heart is the Place on Better Looking Records and have probably played it 10 times in the past couple of days. This record just has a continuity that I haven’t heard on their earlier records. The Byrdsian intro to Aperture opens up the record in grandiose fashion and every song seems to keep a theme of searching for or finding resolution. At this point Can’t Give Up The Ghost is my favorite song, but I’m sure others will hit me the more I listen. Overall, I think the songwriting is better than their earlier efforts. The album feels like it was done as one piece of work and not piecemeal.

The Story of the City and Can’t Give Up The Ghost are on the player

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