DVD Review::Tim Buckley-My Fleeting House

I was happy to find the Tim Buckley dvd My Fleeting House in my mailbox last week. My Fleeting House is a collection of Buckley performances coupled with commentary by Lee Underwood(Buckley’s guitarist), David Browne(author of Dream Brother), and Larry Beckett(who co-wrote many Buckley songs). As a long time fan of Tim, I have seen some of the footage, but never in such pristine condition.

My Fleeting House provides valuable insight into the life of Buckley, and his devotion and love for his art. There are few artists who have been as explorative with their music and voice as Buckley. He was one of the greatest innovators in pop music history. As Larry Beckett states in the video, the magic of Tim Buckley is found in realizing the conceptual evolutionary devolopment from stage to stage of his career. Unwilling to rest on his laurels, Tim was constantly challenging both himself and his audience, pushing against all sensibilities and conventions.
There is much to discover in the music of this rare artist, and My Fleeting House offers special treats for both the long time fan and the uninitiated. There are 3 partial performances and eleven full length songs. My favorite one is a rare solo performance of Pleasant Street from The Christian Licorice Store, a movie in which Buckley appeared. Overall, I have high regard for My Fleeting House. I’m sure i’ll be watching it again soon.
My Fleeting House:
01 No Man Can Find the War [from “Inside Pop”]
02 Happy Time” [from “Late Night Line Up”]
03 Morning Glory [from “Late Night Line Up”]
04 The Dolphins [from “The Old Grey Whistle Test”]
05 Song to the Siren [from “The Monkees Show”]
06 Who Do You Love [from “Greenwich Village”]
07 Happy Time [from “Dutch TV”]
08 Sing a Song for You [from “Dutch TV”]
09 Sally Go Round the Roses [from “Music Video Live”]
10 Blue Melody [from “Boboquivari”]
11 Venice Beach (Music Boats by the Bay) [from “Boboquivari”]
12 I Woke Up [from “The Show”]
13 Come Here Woman [from “The Show”]
14 Pleasant Street [from “The Christian Licorice Store”]
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