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Dangerbird has been releasing some decent records this year. I’ve talked about the Sea Wolf Record before. Another nice release that came out a while back is The One A.M. Radio’s This Too Will Pass. The One A.M. Radio is Hrishikesh Hirway and his music is often compared to a daydream. In some capacity the description fits as his acoustic driven music has the effect of drifting in and out of reality – albeit his reality. Although, often when i’m listening to this i’m kind of half paying attention and then a chorus or change will come in and I instantly become fixated on the song. My favorite track is In The Time We’ve Got.
here it is- in the time we’ve got mp3

All Smiles is Grandaddy guitarist Jim Fairchild. His new album is called Ten Readings of a Warning. Fairchild recorded the album at various friend’s houses where he was staying before he moved to Chicago. He played nearly all the instruments while letting Janet Weiss of Sleater-Kinney and Joe Plummer of Black Heart Procession maintain the drums. The record is a collection of mid-tempo guitar and piano based pop songs which go well with Fairchild’s smooth vocal style. Check out Of Course It’s Not Up To Me on the player.

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