Album Review::Yacht-I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real

The new Yacht record I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real., is out on Marriage records. Yacht is Jona Bechtolt, and I Believe In You… is an album of pop tunes dominated by beats, keyboards, and catchy chorusus. A lot of the lyrics are about the things our lives are dominated by – money, our jobs, and the search for meaning. The songs have repeating incantations like for example – “see a penny pick it up” or “we want all that stuff, all that stuff that cost too much”, or “do what you like, love what you do” or “i won’t be your slave, no matter how much i’m paid”. The more I play this record, the more I have come to enjoy it. My favorite track at the moment is the New Orderish Platinum, but there are others that are close behind. Normally, this sort of thing might not be my cup of tea. I guess that is the point though. There is something original and infectious about I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real.

I believe in you and Platinum are on the player

see a penny(Pick it up) video

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