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Some of this content may be familiar with folks who’ve visited our short lived blog over at – hopefully you – the faithful P&S readers will keep seeking out our little musings…

A few days ago I managed to catch the last episode of the CW’s “The Gilmore Girls” – a really cool show that for the last seven years seemed to also include some very good music within each episode – from Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Camera Obscura among many others. It’s a sort of fitting end when the show airs one of the last scenes with The Mighty Lemon Drop’s 1988 song “Inside Out” (from the LP “World Without End”) with the lines “You can’t stop my heart from turing inside heart….”. Of course folks who caught that episode immediately ran over to to rehash their memories of the band…check it out, read the comments, they’re always rather amusing…
If you’re also in the mood for nostalgia pick up the now timeless musical classic -“That Thing You Do” (1996) Extended Cut DVD – it’s been rereleased, celebrating the movies 11th anniversary. I know we’ve all seen it – for those who haven’t it’s the rise and fall of a 1960’s one hit wonder garage band, ca. 1964. I checked it out and it’s even better with the extra footage along with bonus material (reunion featurette, making of, video,etc – all of which were not present in the original DVD release.) – with more bits of Charlese Theron (you do remember she was in the movie right?) 11 years on and it’s one you can break out from time to time – timeless indeed
Through the last several weeks we’ve been so busy we somehow managed to forget to let everyone know to celebrate what would have been rock legend RickNelson’s 67th birhtday (May 8, 1940) – P&S celebrates by posting a very cool version of Rick’s “Don’t Leave Me This Way” – check it out!
We’d also like to leave you with a quote from the very wise
Hermano Del Noche Gonzalez III
“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves”
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