Album Review::Dappled Cities – Granddance

Aussie band Dappled Cities release stateside their stellar Granddance on Dangerbird records on the 5th of June. Granddance was produced by Jim Fairchild (of Grandaddy) and Peter Walker, and mixed by Jaquire King (Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon…). The press release calls this album “romantic indie-pop”, and that may be true, but I think there is also a lot more here. Granddance is full of creative, catchy, and diverse songs that are assembled together well. Fire, Fire, Fire is a blissful tune that has a synth part which makes the chorus. Colour Coding has a surprise direct shifting chorus which makes an initially straight forward pop song much more vibrant. Beach may be my favorite, and it begins with bass and drums then adds the synth, and incorporates a warble effect that makes the music sound like it is coming from underneath the water. Vision Bell has call & response verses with a reigning falsetto, and lots of keyboard which make this song memorable. The Eve The Girl sacrifices the keyboards and makes a return to the straight forward guitar song. On title track Granddance, Dappled Cities change gears again with a synthesized laden cavalcade of woo woos( or is it woo oohs) and lots of good hooks. Within Hours is a grand march which ushers in Watercourse with its resounding “all of the people on the outside and the people on the inside…same but different”. Finally, the record concludes with Battle Won which tells us that you don’t have to fight to be the mightiest man. There are so many good changes on this record that one soon gives up trying to predict where the music will go to next.

Fire, Fire, Fire video
Holy Chord Sydney 2007

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