Artists::Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger coming soon

Well we’re gearing up for the new Ryan Adams’ record Easy Tiger, due out on the 26th of June. I hear it is the much realized record that fans have been waiting for. Some of the songs have been around a while, so I know they’ll be good in recorded format. Easy Tiger is the album i’ve been waiting to hear for a while, and hopefully I’ll have one in my hands for review in the next couple of weeks. I’ve talked plenty about Ryan before here, but I don’t mind restating that I believe he is one of the few artists that will be around long after all the fluff fluff & pooff pooff faker bands have given up the ghost. Some critics seem to always make a point to put him down, but they usually concentrate their attacks on his personality, how he dresses, or how prolific he is. Maybe, they are all full of shit. He should have some U.S. tour dates up soon, so I’ll keep everyone posted. In the meantime, here are a couple of tracks from Easy Tiger.

Everybody Knows

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