Notes::Oh My Sweet Carolina…moving time again

Today i’m moving and so there won’t be any posts up until Tuesday after Memorial Day. I’ll be living on the ocean this summer, which will allow me to work on my tan and perhaps this will be the year I paint my masterpiece. I’m gonna be catching a few Drive By Truckers’ shows in June, and hitting up a summer festival or two or three. Then i’ll be in L.A. for a little while, and playing some music myself. So it should all be good, and if i’m lucky maybe it’ll be great. We all need to stoke the embers of our souls sometimes. Oh, and i’ve got some big plans this summer for the site so look out for more interviews, more reviews, better articles, movies, homemade porn (just kidding), and podcasts. I might not take over the world, but i’m determined to have the best time possible. All in all, I just know I need to step back into the light.

A Dieu
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