Memories::The Phoenix Sessions

Well, i’m starting to piece things back together after the move. Yesterday, I had internet access installed so I could rejoin the modern world. It was an action packed Memorial day weekend, which turned into a gala music affair with lots of guitar playing and singing, and some rowdy listening sessions. Yes the spirits were in the air this weekend and the muse was once again located. The water was cold, the women were steamy, and our lust for life was replenished. Folks we just don’t worship the rock-n-roll dream round here. We try to pretend we’re living it every second of the day.

Also spent a bit of time listening to David Crosby’s solo debut If I Could Only Remember My Name. This record is such a magical journey, giving amazing insight into what it was like to be in Crosby’s musical head in the early seventies. The record includes contributions by everyone from Joni, Phil Lesh, Garcia, and so on. Oh, to have been around in the days when the hippie dream was just starting to die. There was magic here folks. This was a time when some of the greatest musical folks hung out with each other and exchanged ideas, with the purpose of forging new ground and having some fun. Pure unadulterated magic which led to the only place magic can lead you – to the netherworld of excess and ultimate demise. All I can say is that they were grand enough for the opportunity, and they rose with all their will. This is one cool record people.

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