Notes::De Stijl will be distributed by Sub Pop

The Minneapolis-based label De Stijl, known mostly as a vinyl-only label, will begin releasing CDs through a new distribution deal with Sub Pop, with whom they teamed up in 2003 to issue the Michael Yonkers Band’s Microminiature Love (recorded in 1968 but never properly released until 2002, on vinyl by De Stijl, and 2003, as a CD by Sub Pop). The first CD release from De Stijl comes from Sweden’s Jakob Olausson whose Moonlight Farm album was just released. Upcoming CD releases from De Stijl include a re-issue on Sept. 11 of Michael Yonkers’ sophomore release, Grimwood, from 1969. Also on deck is a reissue of a 1979 solo album from Smegma’s Ju Suk Reet Meate, Do Unseen Hands Keep You Dumb?, an unissued 1970 recording from Ed Askew called Little Eyes, and a double CD anthology from Charlie Nothing, including the psychedelic saxophone of charlie nothing, originally released in 1967 on John Fahey’s legendary Takoma label.

check out the various streams from De Stijl:
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