Shootin’ The Tube:: The Five Americans & The We Five

Another installment of our very popular feature, “Shoot’in The Tube” – where we sift through the over populated – and find some cool, maybe music clips you haven’t seen before.

This week, a doubleshot of two 60’s bands with the “Five”:

The Five Americans are one of our favorite bands. “Western Union” was a huge hit which is still played on many oldies stations around the world – proof it’s a timeless classic, heck people still use Western Union! – The band had a slew of hits in the mid/late 60’s – Here’s Mike Rabon and company on the Steve Allen show

San Francisco’s The We Five were also another cool little combo – banging out their biggest hit “You Were On My Mind” further taking the mid 60’s folk rock scene into the top of the charts – another staple of oldies radio the song remains a timeless gem…This is the live version – the band performans their hit on the Hollywood Palace.

Check back next time for more fine videos from the vaults of – see you soon!

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