Review::Queen – DVD Collector’s Box

I sat back and watched the two dvd Queen Collector’s box this last weekend. The first dvd Under Review 1973-1980 incorportates a lot of Queen video footage to tell the story of this incredible band during the afformentioned period. There has never been a rock singer like Mercury that crossed so many rivers into so many genres. The video is in short an examination of the band in the 1970’s and how from the beginning they were the whole package – ready to take over the world. In fact they were so together that some critics accused them of being manufactured. In the midst of the video is a Brian May guitar clinic by a Queen expert. The guitar clinic seems pertinent when you take into account Queens two greatest trademarks – their vocal harmonies and May’s distinctive guitar sound. The band created a hybrid of glam rock and heavy rock that was at times vaudevillian, theatrical, carnivelesque, but always esquisite. The almost two hours of footage is entertaining for the Queen lover and the new fan.

The second dvd Magic Moments is a shorter Queen documentary that breezes over some of the bands highlights. We are reminded that Queen were a dynamic, huge sounding stadium rock band. We won’t see a Freddy Mercury again. The times have changed and shut the door on that proposition. Freddie’s voice stretched from operatic to folk, and his composing comes from a classical world with a crossover to pop music. This dvd includes a lot of interviews from personal friends and is a nice addition to the first dvd.
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