Notes::Ryan Adams boxset in the near future

Think Ryan Adams puts out too many records and writes too many songs. Well as dumb as that premise sounds as some critique, we may soon have a box set of unreleased Adams’ tracks according to Lost Highway via NME.

His new LP ‘Easy Tiger’ is set to be released on June 25.According to a spokesperson for his US label Lost Highway, the collective may include live tracks as well as unreleased albums ’48 Hours’, ‘The Suicide Handbook’, ‘Bedhead’ and songs from the ‘Easy Tiger’ sessions, reports Billboard.A spokesperson for his US label Lost Highway said that the box set would not include tracks he released via under the monikers DJ Reggie, WereWolph, The Shit and others. He said: “That wasn’t meant to be anything more than just a laugh. It was a thing to do after shows. It was like having garage band wars. It was fund- a chance experiment with rap stuff.”Of ‘Easy Tiger’ Adams said: “It’s a bunch of individual poems, really, and I have no reservations about trying to link anyting together.
I still feel even unfamiliar with this record. Even though I wrote them, I still feel like I don’t know enough about them yet.”Adams added that he was annoyed at critics who had a go at his work ethic (he released three albums between 2005 and 2006), explaining: “I ignore the people that say I’m at fault for being a hard worker. It’s completely unreasonable.”

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