Classic Album::40 years and a week since release of Sgt. Peppers

So a week ago from today was the 40th anniversary of the release of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band. I could sit here and talk the record up, and say how ground breaking it was, and how it is the most important record ever made, but all that stuff has been said before. Yes I could go off about how great George’s guitar sounds on the intro of the title track. Finally, I know they are the greatest band hands down to ever grace this planet. It is all irrelevant, because today is a day of reflection on how good they were. My real wish is that I could hear it with the ears of 1967. It must of sounded out of this world at the time. I mean really, that record had to alter some psyches, and I bet a lot of people took drugs and listened to it as well. There is so much dimension to this record that it was immediately a statement to the world that pop music was changed forever. They were the Beatles. The likes of which we don’t have to say “I wonder if we’ll ever see another one?” The answer is no, time has shut that door, and the stars don’t align that often anymore, and when is the last time you heard something new? We know all the stories, the end of Brian Wilson’s ascent, and the Beatles once again saying to their peers “put that in your pipe and huff it!!!”

Anyway, I ‘ve been listening to this deluxe edition vol. 1 of Sgt. Peppers which has many different mixes of the album’s tracks. I’ll play the regular mix and then compare it to the mono version. Definitely fuller in stereo, but it has its’ own flair in mono. Overall, I think you pretty much get the same effect whether in mono or stereo, because it is such a perfect record. This deluxe edition has 10 or 15 mixes of “Strawberry Fields” and it is nice to hear the rehearsals and get a sense of how they put the song together. The real album is worthy of a spin too.

BBC Radio 2 started a multi-part series on the 40th anniversay last week. You can go to their site and listen to that episode or find out when the next one will be aired. Here is the link:

BBC RADIO 2 Sgt Pepper’s series

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