Looking Back::Siouxsie and the Banshees

So, i’ve been listening to these Siouxsie remasters of Kaleidoscope & The Scream and it really reminds me of some guys I used to know. These guys, we’ll refer to them as Nol & Peepboat were super obsessed with Siouxsie and they listened to the records a lot. They used to wear long overcoats and wear make-up, way before it became cool again, and at a time when it wasn’t thought highly of at all. These guys had this band called Paul Saints and the Rebels and they were pretty good. The keyboard player played his casio miked through his stereo and he sang with a propped up mic. The drummer played a variety of cans. It sounds weird, but these guys were industrial dynamos. They always had various musicians joining them. The music was abrasive, but catchy, and it had many moods from roots rock to tropical island fiesta type stuff. I wasn’t there, but they were infamous for this rooftop concert they put on. I do remember going over to the space a few times, and it was a haze of cigarette smoke and mountain dew cans. They were very unorthodox in their methods. There was often a lot of screaming and arguing. It got loud in there.

I’d love to get those old Paul Saints recordings and remaster them and put them on cd. It is really funny, because they were one of the brightest stars in a town called music oblivion. While the local music press irresponsibly vomited perpetually over every friend of their’s local band that sounded like ten years ago, Paul Saints remained seriously underground. They made music, because the had to make music. They couldn’t do anything else. They are still unsung, but not forgotten. By the way these Siouxsie remasters are good times.


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