Musings::Getaways and Twilight Singers

Here I am out of town for the weekend taking in the early Saturday morning sun. Actually, it is after eleven now, but I thought about writing this a couple of hours ago, when the story would have been so much more real. Yesterday, I drove up to the northern beaches and listened to a 2006 Twilight Singers show from Belgium, and The Drive By Truckers from Tampa 2004. The Twilight Singers’ show was turned up as loud as my pathetic stereo could handle, distorting most of the time. One of the best live bands period, and that means very small company. Greg Dulli has that intense mafioso charisma that draws you in like a cobra(whatever that means), only to inject its’ venom. I’m gearing up to go to Richmond and Myrtle Beach to see Drive By Truckers. I’m due for a fix. Hopefully tonight will be a little more interesting than last night when I managed to hit every lame bar in town. It was a night for the stars indeed. I think i realized it was real special when the night culminated with two guys comparing tattoos and arm sizes over to the bar. They performed various other stunts, but I don’t want to reveal any more of their secrets.

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