Notes::Kemado signs Turzi

Kemado signs French band Turzi, documents growing French psych scene

French psych quintet Turzi has signed to the Kemado label for the US and will release its debut album, A, on September 4, they will also be touring the US in the Fall. The band has built a reputation as an enthralling and unique live band, often performing live improvisational scores to classic films like Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

The band has also curated a compilation titled Voyage: Facing the History of French Modern Psychedelic Music which fans will be able to download for free with the purchase of a physical copy of the Turzi album. The compilation features tracks from Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Etienne Jaumet, Sebastian Tellier, Chicros, Juan Trip and ten others.

Turzi is led by the eccentric Romain Turzi, born in Versailles in 1979, the product of a French mother and an Italian father from Calabria. Turzi now lives and works in Paris. Prior to forming the band Turzi he fronted an outfit known as Reich IV which performed pieces by Steve Reich (obviously). In his studio he records a series of musical flashes laconically swaying from performed music to electronic music. These long lists of sonic impressions reveal an audio guide to Turzi’s introspective journeys. Narcotic and cinematic, they are devoted to mind elevation and expansion of the human soul. Often drifting towards atmospheric violence and neurotic tension. Rhythmic section is tight and disciplined. Executing a subversive music score. Turzi’s performances have been described as disciplinary rock.

Turzi – A Track List:

01. A
02. Alpes
03. Animal Signal
04. Are You Thinking About Jesus?
05. Afghanistan
06. Acid Taste
07. A Notre Pere
08. Aigle
09. Amadeus
10. Attila Blues
11. Authority 17
12. Allah Delon
13. Axis Of Good

V/A – Voyage: Facing the History of French Modern Psychedelic Music Track List:

1. One Switch to Collision – Smokes
2. Aqua Nebula Oscillator – Ready to Fly
3. Sébastian Tellier – Paris
4. Butch MC Koy – Sin
5. Service – The Dog
6. Ulysse – The Countess’s Smiles
7. Koudlam – I Was Down
8. Musikasphaera – Beware
9. Kill for Total Peace – Psychopedestrian
10. Modadishow – Mantra
11. Turzi – Aigle (Hi Fli Mix)
12. Juan Trip – High America
13. Chicros – New Orleans
14. Étienne Jaumet – Doudouk
15. Rob – Improvisation

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