The Dilettantes:: 101 Tambourines

The Dilettantes new record 101 Tamourines on HappyParts Recording will be available online and by mail order June 26th and will be in stores on August 7th. On the press release The Dilettantes are refered to as a “California psyche-pop ‘n’ roll” band. This all encompassing description may be appropo as 101 Tamourines draws its’ influences from a wide bag. Jefferson Parker’s guitar provides some very nice playing that is diverse and full of catchy riffs. The Dilettantes “101 Tambourines” is a record from a band who have a sound which is altogether an amalgamation of influences.

The opener Ready To Go is somewhat of a straight forward rocker that kicks off with a riff by guitarist Jefferson Parker, which sets us up for the rest of the album. The second track Subterranean Bazaar has a guiding guitar that gives this mover a groovy truckin’ kind of feel. If we weren’t in the 60’s already, Brightly Lit New Dark Ages comes complete with a Byrsian sound could have came from the sixties masters themselves. Don’t You Ever Fall is a smokey number that moves well and maintains the sixties feel with its’ music and the vocals. Later, comes the mellower Like Crazy where we are told that “all I want to do is look like crazy people do”. The album closes with the bouncy What were you thinking, which is somewhat reminiscent of Taxman, and just good catchy pop.

Joel Gion of course is the tambourine man who played with The Brian Jonestown Massacre during the band’s most important period, and starred in the documentary Dig!. On 101 Tambourines Joel Gion takes center stage as singer and main songwriter making theThe Dilettantes a band that deserves to be listened to. 101 Tambourines is a really fun record with lots of hooks & nice melodies, which make for good songs.

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