Artist Spotlight::James Taylor – The new sensitivity

Another artist we’ve all heard a million times is James Taylor. It is amazing how so many of his songs brush the nerves of our souls. I really haven’t followed him over the years, but I did like his Christmas record he released a couple of years back. “I feel fine anytime she’s around me now” & “if i’m well you can tell she’s been with me now” from Something in the way she moves,are such simple lines that speak to basic instincts. I think a lot of Taylor’s songs show a man who was led by his heart, not his brain, meaning he wasn’t afraid to follow the muse. In 1971, on the March 1st edition of Time magazine, James Taylor’s face graced the cover with the caption: The New Rock – Bittersweet and Low. No doubt this was the announcement of a new wave of sensitivity.

The majority of his best work comes from 3 records, and they also include most of the hits. The self-titled James Taylor came out on Apple records in 1968 and included such mainstays as Something In the Way She Moves, Carolina In My Mind, and Sunshine Sunshine. Sweet Baby James came out in 1970 on Warner Brothers and contained the title track, Steamroller, Country Road, and his most touching song of all Fire and Rain. 1971’s Mud Slide Slim And the Blue Horizon (also released on Warner Brothers), contained Love Has Brought Me Around and You’ve Got A Friend. Apart from that you can find one of my favorite JT songs Mexico on his 1975 release Gorilla. What we get from Taylor are a lot of heart stroking timeless classics, and the sense that at one point in his life he was a guy who had a lot to say.

Below is Don’t let me be lonely & Let it all fall down from a performance on the May 5th 1974 at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago.

Let It all fall down mp3
Don’t let me be lonely mp3

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