Book Review::The Show I’ll Never Forget

I recently finished The Show I’ll Never Forget: 50 writers relive their most memorable concert going experience, edited by Sean Manning. The book is as the title implies, a collection of stories that revolve around a concert. Some of the stories center more around the writer’s personal lives and have little to do with the show. Others give a rare glimpse into a part of rock-n-roll history that helps us as fans to imagine what it was like to have been at a particular show. One of my favorite stories had nothing to do with anyone famous, but instead dealt with the author’s brief brush with playing in a band for a talent show to benefit a wounded student. Then, there is the story of Springsteen at the Garden in 1978, and a woman remembering losing out to Courtney Cox for the video to Dancing In The Dark. We all get a first hand encounter of Jimmy Reed and his girlfriend getting in a huge punch up with one other, going to the hospital, and then being all over each other. Another tells the tale of an Einstürzende Neubauten show which began both an affair with their music and the lead singer. There are many more that are worthy of mention from this book, and overall the stories make for an easy and enjoyable read. If you think you would like this book, then you definitely will.

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