Album Review::Eastern Conference Champions – Ameritown

Eastern Conference Champions will be releasing their debut album Ameritown on the 17th of July on Suretone records. There is a lot to hear on this record, including some elements that are vaguely reminiscent of a less morose Radiohead, and various other influences. Ameritown is chalked full of emotionally charged songs that have some powerful hooks, lots of dynamics, and nice melodies. The opening song “The Box,” appeared on their Home Away e.p., and is probably my favorite song with its sure fire grab you chorus. “Some Sorta Light” slows things down to a calm and then the marching drum comes in and the piano gets heavy until the pressure cooker explodes with glee from release. “Stutter” begins as a cascading piano song that morphs into an ethereal delicacy when all the instruments join. “Single Sedative” moves well with its’ drums and vocals approach, and never lets up with its’ repeating “Hey Yeahs” and intensity. “Pitch a Fit” is another really good song made up with spare piano and acoustic guitar. “Gucci #9” as in the title, has a metropolitan feel that climaxes into a fit that dies away. “Nice Clean Shirt” engages us with female vocals to add harmony and has the striking montra “you were always around, I was never around.” Ameritown is a good record of dynamic songs with engaging music and lyrics.

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