Album Review::Simone White – I Am The Man

There is something natural and comforting about Simone White’s new album I Am The Man. I realize that the reviewer should always refrain from words like dichotomous, but I can’t resist saying that Simone White’s music is beautiful and prickly. While the subject matter is often fairly serious, the music retains a whimsy which gives the songs a tone of quiet reflection, rather than bitterness or anger. This feeling is especially prevalent on “American War” where the tune feels like an act of spiritual protest combined with internal commentary. A similar tone can be felt on the chamber folk piece “Great Imperialist State,” with its’ lack of resolution the music disintegrates into nothingness. Some of the songs are relatively more sedate like the piano laden siren to a lover, “Sweetest Love Song,” which floats and swirls and spares us any needless tragedy for effect.
I Am The Man manages to avoid being depressing or purposely weird like somewhat related artists whose material’s main attribute is that it suggests claustrophobia. It goes without saying that Simone White’s voice has an atmospheric character that few possess. Furthermore, what makes this album good is that the tone of the music rarely matches up with the feel of the lyrics in any conventional manner. Perhaps, this is why Simone White’s music touches spots that rarely get any sun.

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