Notes::Glastonbury 2007 begins on Friday

Glastonbury starts on Friday and the line-up is long and impressive, and will be dispersed among the many stages. Make sure you wear shoes you don’t care about, and if you’re smart you’ll make life easy on yourself and buy some cheap and ugly rubber boots. Trust me I know from experience. Also, kids under 12 are free if accompanied by a parent. Doesn’t that just sound like a damn nightmare? The mega festival is here, fun is ready to be had, and if I had kids I wouldn’t bring ’em to Glastonbury, free or not!

Reminds me of years ago when I attended Glastonbury and it rained the first two days and the whole place was a mud pit. Anyway, i remember on Sunday morning it was sunny and I was walking around in an early stupor and who do I see, but I shit you not, Evan Dando on top of this van playing an acoustic guitar and singing.

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