Tour News::Drive By Truckers Richmond Virginia 22 June

Started the weekend up in Richmond, Virginia for Drive By Truckers at Brown’s Island. DBT came out in full regalia, kicking off the show wearing sunglasses and with Patterson using the mandobird to play Bulldozers and Dirt. Richmond is a major DBT city and the Truckers lived up to it with a solid set that lasted a good while considering it was a free Fridays after five show. Cooley was sporting some great sunglasses that were adorned with rhinestones, adding even more flavor to the show. The Buttholeville was by far the most lively version I had ever witnessed and it ended with Patterson twisting strings on the floor of the stage Hendrix style.

Richmond photos

Bulldozers and Dirt
Uncle Frank
After The Scene Dies
A Ghost To Most
The Living Bubba
Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife
Marry Me
Self Destructive Zones
Tales Facing Up
18 Wheels Of Love
Zip City
The Story Of The Road Cases
Road Cases
Shut Up And Get On The Plane
Let There Be Rock
Angels And Fuesalage
Buttholeville->State Trooper->Buttholeville with Scott Baxendale

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