Album Review::Auggie March:Moo,You Bloody Choir

Australia’s great export Augie March will be releasing their record Moo You Bloody Choir on August 7th on Jive/Zomba records. There are a lot of treats on this record which has some really good singles, but serves better listened to as a whole. The largely magnificent pop number One Crowded Hour starts off slow and builds to a powder keg ignition that refuses to let up. Victoria’s Secrets starts out with an explosive beginning and settles into a slightly darker tone. The Cold Acre is one of the best songs with its mysterious tone and good chord changes. Stranger’s Strange brings to mind Fran Healey in one of his better moments, with its overcast dramatic feel and big chorus. The solid song writing of Mother Green falls somewhere between The Waterboys, Blue Aeroplanes, and David Gray on a good day. The Australian voices sound great, are full of character, and just sound so big they give the music immense atmosphere. The Honey Month changes the tone, beginning with a carnivelesque intro which follows into a smokey saturated reverbed-out feel, which shimmers, captivates, builds and finally destroys. The raving Just Passing Through comes out of nowhere and is like a speed train that just builds in intensity, never letting up with its stark vocal effect and driving beat. Thin Captain Crackers is reminiscent of Skylarking era XTC, with its wondrously swirling chorus and numerous hooks. Bottle Baby has a much more indigenous and personal feel, serving as both call and proclamation, and turning into one of the albums most emotional numbers. The Baron Of Sentiment is a song of country flare and end of the night drunken goodbyes. Of course in terms of sentiment, the record climaxes with the heart wrenchingly stellar There Is No Such Place which incorporates spare arrangements to magnify the feeling. Clockwork goes a different direction entirely, sounding like a cross between the band Low and especially the band Acetone in another reverb laden song. Auggie March leave us with Vernoona, which is all in all a joyous, triumphant, and celebratory finale.

Moo You Bloody Choir will surprise you the first few times around. It is full of well constructed songs that convey feelings in a multitude of manners, and surely there is something here for anyone that likes good popular music.

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