DVD review::The Jesus Lizard

The manic ferociousness of The Jesus Lizard and their crazed front man David Yow, made them by far one of the best bands of the nineties. In this dvd we are treated to a typically great Jesus Lizard show from the Venus De Milo club in Boston on October 4, 1994. The camera is so up close on the band that not only can you feel the heat inside the venue, but you can almost get a taste of the gross sweat falling off David Yow at the front of the stage. Was drummer Mac McNeilly the greatest rock drummer of the nineties? Well, he certainly makes a strong case with his pulsating and pounding stronghold on the drums. At one point in the video, Yow almost chokes himself with the microphone in the midst of one of his crazed stage churnings. It is easy to see the power Jesus Lizard have over the crowd as the audience moves, bumps, blasts, and careens into spiritual fits. Half the time Yow is somewhere between the stage and the crowd, not merely giving his all, but more so he is a man possessed on this night. Yow never ceases to amaze as he heckles someone who is wearing earplugs, but then again the Lizard were never known as sympathetic. During the dvd you get to witness a long haired guy being carried out while Yow screams at the guy like a raging banshee. All in all, enough quick stops and starts and cyclical riffs to make your head spin.

The dvd is really good, because it serves as not only a reminder to old fans of how great the band was, but also as a way to win over some new ones. The dvd also comes with an interview with David Yow before the show where he discusses everyting from major label battles to live albums.

Song List
Bloody Mary
One Evening, Killer McHann
Num, Mouthbreather
Puss, Boilermaker, Gladiator
Destroy before reading, Horse, The Associate, Mailman, Fly on the wall
If you had lips, My own urine
Then comes Dudley, Monkey trick
Wheelchair Epidemic

Boilermaker from the Jesus Lizard dvd
Live in Texas 1994
Wheelchair Epidemic Live 1996

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