Notes::DJ Richmond makes 20 most influential list

When I’m back in my old town of Charlottesville, Va, the guy I run with is DJ Steve Richmond. Steve is an old buddy of mine and a genuine music fan. Over the last couple of years Steve methodically rose to the top of dj culture in Charlottesville. He waited several years before he unveiled his talents, while he allowed all the scallywags and bottom feeders to either give up or fade away. Then he appeared, as if through a smokey film through a rose lens, and began to weave his magic, showing beautiful Charlottesville how to have an even better time.Recently, Steve was voted one of the top 20 most influential folks in Charlottesville, Virginia. It is real cool to see someone who deserves this kind of recognition actually getting it. Steve has risen to the top of Charlottesville dj culture for one reason only, because he is good. On any given night that he is performing you may hear New Wave, French House, Dance-Punk, Post-Disco, Elector-Funk, and anything but the Electric fucking Slide or Strokin’. No, no, no, this ain’t your standard wedding DJ or some two bit hackney who lacks any sense of artistry. Steve spins the crowd into a fit, taking them to the nebulous zones, and then returning them with a new purpose. Witness him turn a spot upside down with the sweat and all the lustfull eyes bouncing their bodies around, careening and screaming. This is serious stuff here, and no you probably don’t wan’t to bring your kids.

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