Artist Spotlight::The Smiths: Jobs For A Change Festival

On the 10th of June 1984, The Smiths played the “Jobs For A Change Festival” at the Jubilee Gardens in London. Here are some comments about the show taken from The Smiths gigography.

The GLC festival was on a Sunday … so I would have been working at Camden market all day. Then after I’d packed up for the day I got the tube down to Waterloo with my recording equipment. I guess I must have arrived about 6, so the festival had been going for quite a while and the GLC car park was pretty packed. So no ideal placing for a recording … I pushed my way to a position slightly to the right of the stage a little way back, trying to find a place where my immediate neighbours didn’t look as though they either wanted to have loud animated conversations, or wanted to whoop, scream and sing at the tops of their voices. Can’t remember who else I saw before the Smiths … maybe Billy Bragg.
One thing that was noticable about this show, compared to the previous Smiths shows was the presence of girls. There had always been some girls at Smiths shows, but for the past couple of months the Smiths had started to feature in Smash Hits etc, and this was the first show I really noticed the presence of screaming girls down at the front … and there would only be more as time went on.
Although this was a festival, I think most people had come down to see the Smiths … it certainly had the atmosphere of a Smiths show … and it felt like they were starting to get beyond being just a cult band. You know that feeling when you pet band finally becomes popular and you kind of hate it at the same time as thinking that its about time they got some recognition.It was a great show. The bootleg tape of the show on my stall featured that famous picture of Morrissey’s bottom with tree growing out of his back pocket.

Nowhere Fast
Girl Afraid

This Charming Man
William It Was Really Nothing
Heaven Knows I’m Miserable
Now I Don’t Owe You Anything
Still Ill
Barbarism Begins At Home
Hand In Glove
What Difference Does It Make?
You’ve Got Everything Now
Pretty Girls Make Graves
Miserable Lie

Two songs from the show
Girl Afraid mp3
Hand In Glove mp3

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