Notes::Elton John forced to walk

Elton John was less than thrilled when security at the Concert For Diana, removed him from his carriage post-performance and made him walk fifty yards to the v.i.p. area.

Here are just a few of Sir Elton’s comments to the main security guard –
“Get out of my ****ing way,” he screamed at a policeman. “Don’t you know who I am? I’ve been working all ****ing day and I need to get to my ****ing dressing room.”

Really, we should not only tolerate behaviour like this from Elton, but revel in it. Elton is royalty. We want our rock stars to be larger, better, and more important than us. I mean I don’t want to go look at a painting by one of the masters in the Louvre and think to myself “I could do this.”

Below is the link to the full article posted in This Is London today.
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