Album Review::Bottom of the Hudson – Fantastic Hawk

Bottom of the Hudson’s Fantastic Hawk comes out on July 17th on Absolutely Kosher Records. Although Bottom of the Hudson has been a project of Eli Simon’s for a while, Fantastic Hawk will actually be the first album for the Philly quartet. Bottom of the Hudson is often compared to Guided By Voices. While there are some similiarities in terms of nice build ups and strong chorusus, BOTH is a lot less british sounding than GBV. Although, the song Suffering Time with its’ great hooks, gives classic GBV a good run for their money. Really the comparisons end early, because on Fantastic Hawk, Bottom of the Hudson make their own music which in the end just sounds like them. The record is full of catchy and well constructed songs, with some fairly entertaining lyrics. For me the two best songs on the record are Handwriting and Perfect Distillation, but overall Fantastic Hawk is one you might want to pick up.


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