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St. Vincent’s Marry Me comes out today on Beggars Banquet. From the moment you put Marry Me on, you are forced into the magical world of Annie Clark’s St. Vincent. The opening track Now Now with its’ kaleidoscopic feel certainly merits the Kate Bush and Bjork comparisons which have come so abundantly. If Now Now breaks open the album, surely Jesus Saves, I Spend is the processional march to set up the rest of the record with its repeated bum bum bums. Your Lips Are Red follows with its mysterious spy thriller feel made up of chaotic sounds and build ups and drop offs until it climaxes with the floating “your skins so fare its not fair.” There is the furious pagan strut of Paris is Burning, a cinematic standout which intensifies until the flame is out. Things then settle down for the reflectively laid back synth laden All My Stars Aligned. Land Mines has a floating feel and is reminiscent of a sea shanty with vignettes of cabaret. Human Racing is a spare jazzy strutter which breaks into horn sections at times, flowing smoothly at a steady pace until becoming darker in the end. The closer What Me Worry? showcases Annie as the charming chanteuse and songstress who makes her exit somewhere between the clouds and the lid of the sky.

Overall, I think it is really hard to describe all the things happening on Marry Me. The music is both complex and catchy, which are two things that sometimes don’t coexist well with one another. Marry Me is constructed from fantasia and whimsy, and sounds like it was made in the futuristic 1920’s.

now now mp3
your lips are red video

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