Musings::when rock was rebellious

Well, Live Earth is over and I can’t say I feel any different. It didn’t really seem to have the impact to compliment the hype they were trying to put behind it. Maybe the key word is to try. Perhaps the hype was less than successful or the talent wasn’t really there compared to similar festivals of the past. There was no epic Queen performance. Maybe I’ve missed the point and the festival really had a different agenda entirely. Either way, I didn’t feel any drive to watch the festival and I haven’t heard anyone talk too much about it. I have read quite a bit about it and the reviews were lacklustre.

I’m reluctant to compare this to the past live aid festivals because it was fabricated by a politician. Politicians often have motives which have nothing to do with what is on the surface. I think we should be suspicious of all politicians. I also believe that rock in its’ natural essence is opposed to the system. The system flows on both sides. Didn’t rock n roll used to have an anti-establishment backbone, oozing sexuality and promoting unadulterated craziness? When punks talked about anarchy, did they mean getting in bed with policy makers? For so long, rock n roll was anathema to the status quo. Now it is aiding in the implementation of the status quo. I don’t know, but it all seems rather peculiar to me.

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