Album Review::Surrounded – The Nautilus Years

Surrounded are Swedish and fall somewhere between Idaho, MBV, Mercury Rev and Sparklehorse. The Nautilus Years is a record submerged in colourful soundscapes with a tone that implies post-melancholy, – the place where direction begins to be found. The music is complimented by humble, but direct and clear vocals.

Safe Tomorrow Sun is a picturesque song that moves steadily and has a reassuring chorus. Paper Tangerine Crush evokes the title as the song flows with a half-hearted optimism. The Oceanographer is a spare piano song with whispering vocals that creep along and provides a perfect set up for the sunnier Fellow Citizen Stars. The background gets murkier for Citizen Pelagic with its’ dark syth and slowly strummed acoustic guitar. My personal favorite on the album is Bolder Acrobat with its sweeping chorus which comes in and gives the entire song a welcomed new dimension. The album closes with the Sparklehorse-ish Swimming To Galapagos, a charming piece which shines bright with string string arrangements and radio broadcasts.

These days most atmospheric bands fail to capture my attention. Surrounded succeed with good song writing and a sequencing which gives good pacing to The Nautilus Years. The tunes for the most part have good melodies, making The Nautilus Years a definite recommendation for fans of the aforementioned bands.

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