Album Review::Josh Rouse – Country Mouse, City House

Josh Rouse’s newest album Country Mouse, City House will be released on July 31st on Bedroom Classics. The press release states that the record has a wintry feel, but in all honesty Josh Rouse’s music always feels like summer to me. Country Mouse, City House won’t let any old fans down as it delivers on more of that 70’s singer/songwriter thing that many of us love.

Opener Sweetie starts off with a soft strum of the guitar then the piano enters and by the time the chorus comes the smooth sounds of Josh Rouse are in full stride again. The drums and horns fill the music of the semi-slinky groove Italian Dry Ice. The poppy Hollywood Bass Player recalls Maxine Nightingale’s “Right Back Where We Started From,” on the verses. The banjo plucks away on the stellar chorus of the God, Please Let Me Go Back. The pace quickens for Nice To Fit In which is probably the catchiest tune on the record and my personal choice. The organ sounds fill the air on Pilgrim, as it struts and sasses a jazzy feel. Domesticated Lovers tells the tale of the soiled couple, where the splendor has gone and they just take each other for granted. A hopeful chorus brightens, while the bridge builds good tension on the straight forward London Bridges. Album closer Snowy has a dark smokey bar feel and moves slow and casually with some nice keyboard work. Country Mouse, City House is trademark Josh Rouse, and surely won’t dissapoint fans.
some of his earlier work on video:
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