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The tracklist of the soundtrack to the upcoming Ethan Hawke directed film The Hottest State includes Bright Eyes, Feist, Cat Power, M. Ward, and The Black Keys.

Jesse Harris wrote all 16 songs exclusively for the film and assembled this amazing group of artists to interpret the songs. Harris even performs three of the songs himself and has a small role in the film. The soundtrack will be released August 7th.

The Hottest State film trailer

The Hottest State Track Listing

01 Rocha – “Ya No Te Veria Mas (Never See You)”
02 Willie Nelson – “Always Seem to Get Things Wrong” audio:
03 Feist – “Somewhere Down the Road”
04 Bright Eyes – “Big Old House”
05 Emmylou Harris – “The Speed of Sound”
06 Jesse Harris – “It Will Stay With Us”
07 The Black Keys – “If You Ever Slip” audio:
08 M. Ward – “Crooked Lines”
09 Norah Jones – “World of Trouble”
10 Brad Mehldau – “Never See You”
11 Cat Power – “It’s Alright to Fail” audio:
12 Jesse Harris – “One Day the Dam Will Break”
13 Tony Scherr – “You, the Queen”
14 “Morning in a Strange City (Cafe)”
15 Rocha – “No More”
16 Jesse Harris – “Dear Dorothy”
17 Rocha – “Never See You”
18 “There Are No Second Chances”
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