Shoot’in The Tube:: Shoegaze Revival!

It’s been over twenty years since the roots of the shoegaze movement began. To celebrate that important era of music, the much anticipated “Beautiful Noise” movie will see the light of day hopefully in the very near future. First-time feature director Eric Green and partner as well as editor Sarah Ogletree has stated they are close to finishing the film. “Beautiful Noise” was conceived as a celebration of those important records made by the highly influential Cocteau Twins, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and My Bloody Valentine – with interviews with the scenes important figures – Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), The Reid brothers (The Jesus & Mary Chain), Slowdive, Ride and a slew of others…Shoot’in The Tube decided to bring back some of those memories with a few Not-So-Obscure clips…ahh the memories…

The Jesus And Mary Chain
“You Trip Me Up”
Psychocandy, 1985

My Bloody Valentine
“Feed Me With Your Kiss”Isn’t Anything, 1988

“Sweetness And Light”
Gala, 1990

Whirlpool, 1991

“Leave Them All Behind”
Going Blank Again, 1992

Souvlaki, 1994

For more information on these bands/”Beautiful Noise” movie:

“Beautiful Noise” Harp Magazine article – June 19 (The Jesus And Mary Chain) (My Bloody Valentine) (Lush) (Chapterhouse) (Slowdive)

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